Grieve your dark days only to awaken from them with greater depths of compassion, with greater awareness of love’s many expressions, and let them rise from you, and with you, into time free of the concreteness of the past.

The Call and the Response



Questions from Mirari: The Way of the Marys




We begin to work now with the power of creation and this alone. Are you ready? 






We are asking now, consulting with the heart. Are you there? Are you still my heart? . . . There is the thundering heart and the quiet heart. Invite your heart into quiet restfulness with you. Oneness with you. Who is held in that beating? 

P. 145


What pulse are you loyal to? The pulse of the old or the pulse of The New? Where lies your creativity? In the pulse of the old or the pulse of The New?

P. 145


What does it mean, my Mother, to be coming into the time of the way of Mary? To be standing in this interwoven space of old and new, in readiness of a new birth?


You ask of meaning, but this is not about meaning in the way you look at it. You seek a description of a new way, a new time, as if it is a future that is already written. It is a future waiting to be birthed. An imminent birth that you are feeling with all your mothering instincts and concern for the new babe, the jewel of humanity and Heaven.

P. 13


The quiet trees are speaking over the voice of the noisy freeway.

Yes, you are understanding . . . without knowing what you understand. Can you accept this?

P. 51


What is more real? What I, as a woman, experienced? Or what was decided to be the truth? And why does it matter if it was only the truth “to me,” or that you have truths that are only the truth to you? Does it matter? Or does it not? What matters? 


What . . . is the truth?

P. 57


I am associated with being pure. How, the Fathers of the Church wondered, could Jesus be born to a woman with the stain of sin on her heart? And so, they “made me” holy, but could not quite commit to it. This behavior has continued.

P. 73