The Way of the Marys

Street art photo by found at Manomin County Park….now forever erased.

“The old” is a construction. What is constructed can be de-constructed, and it is in this time, that those perceived to be powerless will rise and begin to claim “unconstructed” power, the innate power of the feminine that exists in all. It is available to be cultivated in any willingness to step outside of the “constructed” ways of old.

From Mirari: The Way of the Marys, © Mari Perron, from Course of Love Publications


The Way of the Marys—Our New Story


Profound experience takes us out of our “certain story,” out of whatever it is that says, “This is who I am, and this is what I know, and this is how my life is going to proceed.” 

There is not one of us who has not been taken out of our certain story in recent years. It is so evident that it is undeniable. All we are certain of is that life will never be the same. “The old” way of existing together in this world is dying. 

You realize, fairly quickly, when all is uncertain, that you begin to trust yourself more than you do the powers that be. You and I become intimate with how we, ourselves, feel and know. This is making it much easier to recognize that our own “inner” certainty can give us faith, not only in our way of knowing, or our faith tradition, but faith that something new is, as prophesied, being created right now—and we are it.

When it is “you” who are becoming New, you won’t be able to pin yourself down. Your knowing will come in fluid waves. It will feel multi-dimensional yet will be grounded in feelings that carry the way known as love. You stop believing and “know” that love is the most powerful creative force in the universe. 

Creative love brings our feminine knowing to the forefront, a knowing that becomes evident, if not clear, in each of us—female and male. This holy knowing is needed to unite us in the field of the divine human, our pre-existent self who came from God and returns to God. Creation is not only our journey, or the right use of our gifts. Creation is the wonder of Life—and it is not distant. 

It is our very own story.