Grieve your dark days only to awaken from them with greater depths of compassion, with greater awareness of love’s many expressions, and let them rise from you, and with you, into time free of the concreteness of the past.

Quotes from Mirari: The Way of the Marys

We begin again with an unused term that will allow us a blank page, a page devoid of any previous determinations. We begin with a word both new and ancient. We begin with a return to the way of the Word made flesh. This will be the time of wonder—or Mirari.


The feminine is literally being pushed—squeezed by the twin “feminine” forces of time and eternity, into predominance—to birth new life. This is also the wonder of Mirari: New Life. Here, in our time of bringing the miracle to mystery . . . we offer Mirari as the way of the divine feminine, shared in whispers of awe and with an embrace of foresight. 


This is what we are doing: bringing in The New. Both the feminine and the masculine are teetering, inclining themselves to the incubating life of The New. 

In this new time, the nature—the naturalness—of giving without giving away, will extend. The extension of naturalness will bring those who have always “known,” but felt sad or mad or crazy, a calm release. Bitterness will give way to comprehension of the absolute sacredness of being unwilling to sell one’s soul. In this time in the life of soul, the soul of life is being revealed.

The Treatises of Mary

“These words are fashioned for the future yet to be created.”

“Memoria,” the revelation of memory, along with the wonder of “Mirari,” invite your desire, imagination, and orientation to be guided by the heart.

Memoir is the feminine form of memory. It is autobiographical. Memoir is true to life, to its movements, and to the feelings that propel its movements. . . Memories of what could be, are memories of what is alive within you, calling you to what is before you in time and beyond time. Divine memory is of a time you but think you know not.

The new knowing will come out of hiding. It will be “revealed” by each of you who has held your knowing in waiting; held it in hope of a world that would welcome its revelation. You are the hope of the world. Revelation is really a form of dialogue drawn near and abiding with you and within you.

We are walking away from the definitive of time and space. We are walking away from the elevated and the not elevated. We are shedding the tether. We are doing this together by accepting the lack of divisions that have appeared to exist. We are doing this by seeing in wholeness the nature of the divine duad of Heaven and Earth. In relationship, we are attesting to the divinely human duad by being a duad that is equally human and divine.

The Testament of the New is your witness to the new covenant that opens the realm of creation to you. The imaginal is what is here, and forever on its way into Being. The imaginal is the fruit of our joining and the gift of all time. It is a way that the power of evolution cannot touch or halt.